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Viking Kayak Fishing
11:34AM 25th May 17

Congratulations to our eight Viking 2+1 Kayak Package Winners!
Brian Tong, Paul Scotting, Richard Morris, Terri James, Phillip Clarkes, Tim Marlow, Ursula, Ile Halliday
2:15AM 20th May 17

This blog post we revisit some of the timeless snapper kayak fishing how to articles written by Stephen Tapp, from choosing the right bait to using berley and more. These articles are full of many many years worth of knowledge from Stephen  who knows snapper fishing from a kayak in th ewinter like few others. Winter kayak fishing cn produce some amaizing catches, you just need to know how..please be sure to share this around and send us your feedback to our Facebook page HERE 
A taste of the awesome snapper… more