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Kayak Fishing - Viking Chill Pod for Reload, 400 & GT


The fully insulated Chill Pod fits neatly into the rear of the Profish Reload, 400 & GT.

The "Bread-Bin" style lid opening works perfectly for left or right handed people plus the internal capacity holds a lot more fish than it looks!

The Chill Pod will keep ice and fish cold for hours, meaning your fish will stay in perfect condition even on hot days.

At the end of your days fishing, simply lift the Chill Pod out of your kayak and into your vehicle - very clean and tidy!

We recommend using Salt Ice for best results as it lasts longer & is better for the condition of the fish.

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PLU 1759








Weight: 5kg

Colours: Green, Blue, Red and White/Black Spec - All with Black lid.