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Kayak Fishing - Mudjimba May 2016
5:46PM 25th May 16

This session we are joined by a crew from That Fishing Shop in Brisbane for an early morning kayak fishing session at Mudjimba. Check out the video below and read Richards report, its very entertaining :-) 

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On today's cold and windswept morning just as the warmth of the sunrise seemed too distant a memory and safety of dry land gripped our hearts a Kiwi, a Pom, a Saffa (South African) and an Aussie set forth on the high seas. Of course cold, windswept and high seas are all a relative notion with many people more likely to suggest that 23degrees for the ocean temperatures,3-5kt winds and a sunny maximum of 27 might be perfect conditions. Clearly the 0.8m swell is more than likely less than "high seas" but the story must continue.

Out today were 2 newcomers to surf launching kayaks as well as the old sea dog Jason Milne from Viking kayaks all kept in check by the guidance of That Fishing Shop's very own Richard. Our English and South African contingent handled the launch with relative ease after having a quick lesson from Jason about picking a path through the sets of waves. Sadly for YouTube, I even made it out without going upside down. Fairly predictably, Jason had no problems.

We headed out to Old Woman Island from Mudjimba beach and quickly made the 1km paddle. Being out on the ocean as the sun rose and to see Dolphins, Turtles, birds and the occasional leap of a Tuna is a fantastic start to the day. As long as you have a fast enough kayak preferably of at least 4m in length then surf launches are easy enough. The length of the kayak is important as it helps keep you tracking straight which in turn maximizes your paddle strength therefore keeping you moving quickly. Speed is important as waves are not slow and there are greater distances to cover in this style of fishing.

As we reached the reef near Mudjimba island the water depth came up from 12-14m to around 4m with some nice "bait" showing up on the sounder. "Bait" is the generic term for schooling small fish, they school up to protect themselves from predators. We started casting MicroJigs at the island and worked them back to the kayaks with quick rod tip movement and a reasonable speed of retrieve. Without to much ado, our Englishman hooked a mackerel, the drag sang, line peeled off and then the teeth bit through the leader... 
Next up it was the Aussies turn to cast out and bang!! Drag sang, line peeled off, shouts were shouted and the hooks stuck!! Finally a nice Spotted Mackerel was next to the kayak and the kind kiwi gratefully offered to net and unhook the mackerel. Woohoo!!!

Lots of Narrow Barred Painted Whiptail Weaver Fish (a coverall name for things we couldn't recognise) were caught. Heaps of fun was had. The first fish offshore for both our Pom and Saffa were landed and everyone arrived back at the break with spirits high...

High spirits and an increased shore break don't always work out.. Our inexperienced new off-shore kayakers watched as the nimble and spritely kiwi navigated the break with graceful ease. Even the life saver on the beach was impressed!! The new guys on the block had their turn and again, sadly for YouTube, made it back in one piece! Thanks for the tips Jason!! I may or may not have fallen off my kayak in the break. Personally I saw it more of a victory dance...

Long story short, we love kayak fishing here at That Fishing Shop & Kayak & SUP Sunshine Coast we get a real kick out of getting people involved and helping them learn new ways to enjoy our oceans, rivers and creeks. 

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