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Orton Events 2013/14 series results after Cove to Cape
2:15PM 20th Aug 14

Here are the Orton Events series results as sent to us by Justin Orton earlier today,  for both individuals & teams after the Top Catch Cove to Cape. Last weekend was number 4 of this 5 series competition which has seen a few players shuffle around in the top 10 positions. The rules of the series are that after all 5 competitions the 2 lowest scores from each individual and team will be removed to leave the true series totals...

With that in mind a close look through these result will show you that the deal is certainly not done for top honors and it's still a race to the finish with the top competitors all needing a big result at the last event in November. With the very real chance that a wild card could take it at the last hurdle if they earn themselves top points in 3 or more species... if you have not registered for the Coromandel Gold, Orton Events 203/14 Final then head over HERE to register. 

 Compare Individual results pre Cove to Cape

Compare Team results pre Cove to Cape

Remember to register for the Coromandel Gold Rush, Orton Events 203/14 Final Register HERE

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