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Viking Kayak Fishing
10:08PM 30th May 14

"A fat 20 pounder at 9.47kg. Solid and in top condition, but well off the mark for the competition. It’s nose did create lots of comment along the lines of “funny how some fish look like the anglers that catch them!”
Once again the organizers of the recent Taranaki Kayak Fishing Classic have outdone themselves, producing an event that’s even better than the previous. Despite the early rough weather and swell conditions in some areas, and the resulting “rough and tumble” mishaps for… more
12:28AM 17th May 14

Old School Techniques on latest generation setups
Now the colder months are here and water temperatures are dropping I thought I’d take a step back in time and revisit some of the fishing systems and areas I started with when first getting into kayak fishing. I had a gentle reminder of just how good some of these classic “lob big baits, catch big fish” techniques can be during the recent Taranaki Kayak Classic.
On day two of the tournament the windy and choppy conditions along our chosen part of… more
7:41PM 11th May 14

Kayak Fishing Trip report from Whangarei with Stephen Tapp & Jason Milne, written by Jason
Whenever I get a chance to join Stephen Tapp for a fish in Northland I am always excited at what the day might bring, adventure is a guarantee as is the opportunity to get among some reliable fishing under his guidance. This trip for both of us was a chance to take a day off work and collect a feed of snapper for family and friends. As always Stephen found fish and more importantly found the fish that were feeding, late autumn… more
10:11AM 2nd May 14

Winter Fishing – Dress for Success with Shelley Bradish-Cooney
With cooler months you can still enjoy some fabulous fishing – the key is in your preparation.  The secret to feeling comfortable on the water is to dress with layers, and  consider fabrics that will block the wind and keep you warm even when they are wet.  Give some thought to the fact that you may start out in temperatures that are close to 0 degrees, but may rise throughout the day to 18 degrees.  In my opinion being too… more
6:17PM 30th Apr 14

There and back to see how far it is!
This summer has seen an increase in numbers of kayak anglers interested in paddling farther afield. For some it’s the lure of offshore tuna, for others it’s reaching some of the more remote coastal and offshore island locations. Part of the reason is the growing availability of new performance orientated kayaks allowing greater endurance and comfort. Longer and sleeker, these craft have characteristics allowing them to glide over the ocean and eat up the distance with… more
9:37AM 27th Apr 14

In this guest blog post Jason from shares how he is storig his kayaks using the Railblaza wall sling -  
I have recently moved to a new house and have been reminded just how useful the StarPort Wall slings from Railblaza are when it comes to not only storing my kayaks but to keep the property more functional with kayaks up off the ground and out of the way…  having them up on the wall slings also gives me the ability to store the kayaks over the winter months in a way that avoids build… more
2:18AM 26th Apr 14

Grant turns it on for the camera at the Taranaki kayak fishing classic and lands an Skipjack tuna right on cue as the camera is rolling… when filming any fishing sequence it is always tricky getting the whole sequence from setting the lure to hooking the fish and landing it..this sequence was one that you just cant plan for 

In this video you see the whole sequence of trolling a lure for tuna during the Taranaki kayak fishing classic. The lure is a custom made lure that Grant and Nathan from Big angry… more
11:54PM 25th Apr 14

In this guest blog post Shelley Bradish-Cooney shares her tips on Live Bait Fihing, some great tips, read on....
Using live baits to catch fish is a technique that has been around for years.  It is responsible for the first large kingfish I caught on my kayak, and since then I have had it on my list of things to master.
In this two part series I will explore the terminal tackle side of catching and deploying live baits, and the next instalment feature the modifications to my Viking Reload Tackle Pod™  to… more
12:26PM 22nd Apr 14

Andrew Fletcher of NZBlokesFishTales is no stranger to landing big snapper from his Viking kayak and we regularly feature him and Brad in kayak fishing reports from comps etc.. , but would you believe it was only this weekend that he landed his first 20lb snapper?  Here’s a brief report Andrew posted on the KFNZ forum, from his success over the Easter weekend break

Watch the video of Andrew landing his first 20lb Snapper!!

"Was getting a bit envious seeing all these new PBs and 20lb+ Snapper on the… more
10:38PM 18th Apr 14

Recently we asked what your favorite table fish is, below is some useful tips and facts on the top 5 species chosen by you..
John Dory, classed by many as the best eating fish in our waters.
How - A lot more John Dory would be caught if anglers targeted them, most are bi-catch when the John Dory swallows a small hooked fish. If your using berley while anchored there is a good chance there is a John Dory down below praying on the bait fish. Catch one of those live baits and set it down on or near the bottom, live baits… more