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Bixpy Electric Jet Motor - Bixpy Motor and Battery


This incredible micro jet motor can power you along at up to 10kph, although the best way to use it is as a paddle assist (kind of like an E-Bike, you still paddle, but it's much easier) using it this way you can extend your range from 10km to 25km+!

*Lightweight - motor is just 930 grams,  the battery approx 3.5kg.
*32lbs of Thrust (Approx 1Hp)

It's not just about making it easier to get around, the other cool advantages are that you can fish or take photos and video totally hands free, the streering is done via the foot rests controlling the rudder and direction of the motor's thrust. This allows you to hold position in wind and current very easily. When it's time to head back in it's very nice to cruise along with little effort, even if there is a head wind or current.
If you have a partner or smaller person that would like to come along, but aren't strong paddlers, then this is the perfect solution! They can come and really enjoy their time on the water with you.

The unique feature that separates this motor from all others is the micro propeller, at just 60mm wide it creates almost NO DRAG when you want to paddle your kayak without the motor running. You simply paddle and use the rudder as you normally would.

Other motors have large propellers that, due to the huge amount of drag they create, must be lifted from the water when you want to, or need to, paddle without the motor running. This can destabilise the kayak and removes the ability to turn and manoeuvre easily. These large and heavier motors don't bolt neatly to your rudder blade either, they normally require bulky mounting hardware and large, heavy batteries.

Here are a few thoughts on why a kayak/Bixpy combo may make more sense for you to own over a boat:

  1. Catching fish from a kayak is much more exciting and fun!
  2. Able to get closer to the fish without spooking them - stealthy and quiet
  3. Can go where boats can't - shallow and in rocky areas where big fish often lurk
  4. Able to position over fish with pinpoint accuracy, fish finders work incredibly well
  5. No crowded boat ramps, launch anywhere and close to your fishing spot
  6. Short trips are practical - boats entail a lot of work before and after each trip
  7. No need for others to help launch and retrieve, go fishing when YOU want
  8. No running costs - no fuel
  9. No trailer to register, store and maintain, use roof racks instead
  10. Minimal maintenance tasks and expenses

This kit includes the Bixpy Jet Motor, 333wh battery and charger and the remote only. You will need to also purchase the correct adapter to suit your kayak, paddle board or small boat.

For Viking kayak owners who do have a rudder system on their kayak, the Bixpy Quick Swap Kit simply drops into the rudder bracket, replacing the standard rudder with the Bixpy Jet Motor. 

For Viking kayak owners who don't have a rudder on your Reload / GT/ 400 / 440 then you will also need the Rudder and Toe Tab kit. If you would like the option of swapping between the Bixpy motor and standard rudder, then you will need the complete rudder kit instead.

Please contact us if you aren't sure which adapter you need, we're always happy to help.

User Manual and Specifications HERE

Power: 32lbs of Thrust
Weight: 930 grams
Re-charge Time: 5hrs



or 6 payments of $333.00 click for details