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Bixpy Electric Jet Motor - Uphaul Bracket for Bixpy Motor Rudder


This is the part you need if you want to simply add the Bixpy Jet Motor to your existing Viking rudder. This uphaul system allows you to use reverse and to pull the motor up for launching and very shallow water.

Without the uphaul / lock down bracket the motor will come out of the water when in reverse speeds.

Add this 'Uphaul Bracket Kit' when ordering your Bixpy Motor if you would like to DIY and fit the Bixpy to your rudder.

Kit includes:

- Aluminium uphaul bracket and monting bolt
- Shock cord tensioner
- Uphaul cord and jamb cleat
- Guides and screws for the uphaul cord

or 6 payments of $13.17 click for details