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NZ Kayaker Guide to Kayak fishing
11:35AM 14th Nov 13

The complete Guide to Kayak Fishing in New Zealand, writen by Tim Taylor.


Interview with Tim Taylor - published 12th November to , written by Fuse Works Media 

Tauranga kayak fishing guide and round-New Zealand paddler, Tim Taylor, has launched the first homegrown comprehensive kayak fishing guide - that’s focused solely on this country’s coastal conditions.

A passionate angler, kayaker and writer, Tim recognised the need for a ‘how to’ manual that covered all aspects of kayak fishing.

"I was being asked questions daily by both friends and customers about kayaking and fishing. They were often simple questions, and I while I was happy to help out, I was intrigued as to why they couldn’t find the answers on their own.

"When I did some research I was shocked to find there’s never been any sort of in depth, widely published book or manual specifically covering New Zealand’s rugged condition and intrepid anglers.

"There were a few books available but these were targeting the American market and their content often wasn’t suitable for us Kiwi’s…so I decided to write one for that was!"

Kayak fishing is a sport that’s growing rapidly throughout New Zealand, Tim says. The first enthusiasts were lured by the low cost and ease of storage, but they quickly learnt that kayaks are a very good fishing platform, because of both their stealth and manoeuvrability.

"In fishing circles a good idea doesn’t stay a secret for long and the number of kayak fishermen and women rapidly grew. In some areas they now outnumber boats."

Tim Taylor first got into kayak fishing partly from necessity - to help feed himself on his epic 2010/11 solo kayaking paddle around New Zealand. He relied on fish as an important source of protein and energy to help power him through long days that often exceeded 90 kilometres, through remote stretches of coastline in places like Stewart Island and Fiordland.

"During my training, a friend asked me why I wasn’t trolling a lure everwhere I kayaked, and for once in my life I didn’t really have an answer. A few hours later I had my line rigged up and to this day I never paddle any distance without some sort of a lure bubbling along behind me."

After completing his 5,529km paddle in 2011, Tim drew on his thousands of hours of kayaking experience, and lifelong passion for fishing, to start his own kayaking business. He is now rated as one of the country’s top kayak fishing exponents, and supported by a range of kayaking and fishing businesses.

His A-4 size book, ‘A Complete guide to New Zealand Kayak Fishing’ runs to 102 pages and covers topics such as kayak buying, fishing tackle, weather, and safety equipment.

Tim’s book offers something for everyone; he writes in an easygoing style that’s easy enough for the beginner kayak angler to comprehend, but his book is packed with enough hard-won knowledge to also appeal to the more experienced kayaker.

Retailing for just $16.95 (RRP) and in stores around the country, it’s a winner for every kayaker or wannabe kayak angler’s Christmas list.