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Andrew Fletcher's first 20lb snapper
12:26PM 22nd Apr 14

Andrew Fletcher of NZBlokesFishTales is no stranger to landing big snapper from his Viking kayak and we regularly feature him and Brad in kayak fishing reports from comps etc.. , but would you believe it was only this weekend that he landed his first 20lb snapper?  Here’s a brief report Andrew posted on the KFNZ forum, from his success over the Easter weekend break

Andrew with his 20lb snapper landed from Viking Profish Reload

Watch the video of Andrew landing his first 20lb Snapper!!

"Was getting a bit envious seeing all these new PBs and 20lb+ Snapper on the forum the past few weeks so a mission up north was organized. Left early Friday morning, setup camp and were on the water by 10am. Long story short set a drift and picked up a nice 12lb+ fish so paddled back and set that same drift, first cast and was onto a good fish."

20lb snapper from viking kayak

"When I netted it I noticed a bit more of the body was sticking out than usual so was hoping for 20lb, also noted that when I put the fish in the Chill Pod I had to bend the tail to make it fit. Didn’t think much of it and when we got back to camp chucked it on the scales, almost couldn’t believe my eyes when the weight displayed at 20.7lb. The long hunt was finally over after coming so close multiple times." "Fletch"

Not quite the Easter chocolate fish Andrew's kids were hoping for but proud of Dad all the same ;-)