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Kingfish Tips- Jason Kemp
8:13PM 2nd Nov 18

Kingfish tips from the experts

Northland based Viking Kayak angler, Jason Kemp has been rewarded for all the hard work targeting these awesome fish. In this post we call Jason and ask a few questions on his success that might help you land one, along with tips from Stephen Tapp & Milan from Big Angry Fish. 

Here are a few pointers from Jason Kemp. 

Where to find them

Things to consider before planning your location.

  • Reef Structure
  • Strong Current
  • Early Morning
  • Rod & reel in sync with the jig

Locations for those new to the area - Northland Focus as that's where Jason lives and catches a lot of his Kingfish

  • Bland Bay

  • Whangarei harbour

  • Matai Bay

Quality Gear "Kingfish will easily find a weakness"

Use the best quality gear possible, re-tie knots, check leaders/ traces, look for any weakness in your gear. I use 50lb Braid - 100lb floro leader, joined using the PR knot, you can use FG if thats easier to tie.

Here's a Great FG knot video from the boys at Big Angry Fish

Stickbait/Topwater Gear

Look for workups/birds, Baitfish breaching the surface. Study your charts for the areas I have suggested and look for deep drop-offs or pinnacles, these are likely areas where bait will be holding which will hold kingfish. Recommended stick bait is the Catch ZINGAZ

Jason Kemp big kingfish on catch stick bait


Jigging or mechanical jigging

Take a couple of different jig patterns, Catch long john sliders/double troubles is my to go to and pick 2 of your favourite colours- Again use the sounder, study the charts lock in some marks on your GPS- Locate reefs/pins which has good current flow and holds baitfish. Go to combo THE CATCH JIG XTREME ROD WITH PRO SERIES JG5000S JIGGING REEL COMBO


Live Bait For Kingfish Tips

The simplicity of live baits

This kayak fishing report from Stephen Tapp and Milan from Big Angry Fish covers the simple and effective technique of live bait fishing for kingfish from the Kayaks and how the Viking Profish tackle pod system can help you land the fish your targeting. Read More HERE

Kayak Fishing Light Tackle

Setting up to go light

You don't always need a set up dedicated specifically for dealing with powerful kingfish, in this article Stephen shares some insights that can help you be on the right side of the fight with powerful fish on lighter gear... "Kingfish of any size can be a handful, but even a modest 15kg fish such as this light tackle specimen captured in just a few meters of water behind the breakers will stick in your mind for a long time....Read More