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NEW RailBlaza StarPort HD mount : A more stable mounting option for camera booms
2:07PM 12th Aug 14

RailBlaza have introduced another product that’s giving me even greater scope to achieve what I want when filming from my kayaks. One of the difficulties with rotationally molded product is the flex inherent with polyethylene. While often not an issue when fitting a wide variety of other accessories this can be a problem when mounting cameras.

The new StarPort HD has a bigger footprint and doubles the number of fastenings to four. This results in a much more stable mount even when not using a backing plate. Now the addition of a StarPort HD allows me to run my GoPro Hero 3 on a RailBlaza Boom 600 Pro Series offset at the stern of the Profish Reload without needing bracing. Here the camera can capture all the action and battles at the side of the cockpit without all my usual “scaffolding” , saving considerable weight.

These two images may give a better perspective of how far out to the side and to the rear of the kayak this new boom configuration will position the GoPro, this should make for good video and still .The idea is to make me less dependent on having someone else present to get photo's. It will also help add variation to the stills I use in magazine articles.

Note : while the smaller footprint of the original StarPort has many advantages, the StarPort HD offers greater strength in this application. 

Check out and buy the StarPort HD HERE