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Footrests for Espri kayak

How to install footrests in your Viking Espri kayak 

(For Pre 2013 model espri please use "How to install footrests in a small kayak guide”)



Find marks for front and rear screws inside the foot well area of kayak, 

They are small raised "dots" on the kayak surface mark these with a permanent marker


espri footrest marks



Using the self-tapping screw provided install the rear most screw,

Make sure this is going through the pre-drilled hole at the rear end of the footrest.

 espri footrest 2



Now line up the front hole in footrest with the front screw mark on kayak,

note there maybe more than one pre-drilled hole at the front of the footrest 

so use the hole that lines up with the raised area or rib in the footwell area 

Install self-tapping screw.


Install middle screw, this needs to be screwed into the

raised area or rib in the footwell area

espri footrest 3




Repeat steps 1-4 on the opposite side of kayak