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Customer Review - Profish Reload
5:35PM 8th Apr 14

Since launching the Viking Profish Reload kayak the feedback from satisfied customers has not stopped, here is a Profish Reload review  & trip report from Gavin Shepard who has owned Viking Kayaks for some time… It is not an easy decision to choose a new kayak when the kayak you already own is ticking many boxes…but how good is it when that decision to change is rewarded! Read on to hear what Gavin had to say after his first trip in his Profish Reload

Gavin Sheppard

I am now the proud owner of a new Profish Reload ! This is my third Viking kayak, having used both the Profish 440 and the Profish 400 previously. I went out for a quick paddle from Sunkist the other night to put it to the test.

The Profish Reload:

The new Profish handles really well and is even more comfortable. It rides through the chop superbly. The seat angle and height are right on the mark, making the kayak very comfortable to paddle and extremely stable to fish from.

The angle of the forward rod holders is also slightly lower and more "rod friendly" for me, making it easier to drag a softbait on one side with the spare rod without fear of "high sticking" the rod when it is hit.

Compared to the 400, the extra carrying weight of the Reload is noticeable, but still quite manageable. The new side handles are a welcome addition, making carrying MUCH easier, especially when lifting onto the roof racks. 

One of the best new features for me is the much larger front oval hatch. There is now heaps of room to fit a C-tug trolley AND wheels (and a fair bit more), without having to take the C-tug frame apart!  The extra storage pots behind the seat also provide additional storage options for holding water bottles, bait etc. There is no shortage of storage space on this kayak!

The tackle pod is really easy to drop in and remove, and feels like a really solid piece of kit. Having used a pod previously on the 400, I can vouch for the convenience of having the sounder, battery and tackle all set up and ready to go. Compared to the 400, the Reload pod is much larger and can certainly hold more than enough kit for a day (or two) on the water. I'll be setting it up with all my toys shortly! Washing the kayak down is so much faster with the removable pod. I'm also looking forward to trying the new "kid pod" accessory one day to take my boys out on the water!

The fishing:

Cracking. Boated a dozen keepers in the last hour of light. The improved front rod holder even caught two fish all by itself! I had multiple hookups on two occasions which was a blast. The best fish of the day going 55cm. I kept four nice eaters in the mid 40's, and the rest went back. New Penny Z-man curly tails and a "straylined" squid vicious body (cheers LittleFish) doing the damage. After announcing to the fish that this was "really my last cast", I dropped two good takes on the retrieve. Not to be outdone, I jigged the Zman under the yak a few times, and bang - another 45cm fish to finish with! :D "

Regards, Gavin