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Saltwater Assassin Northland Snapper Kayak Fishing
5:55PM 3rd Jul 14

Saltwater Assassin, Lee Kennedy shares his recent kayak fishing adventure in Northland, once again in his Profish 400 and putting that lucky net through its paces with some might fine winter snapper action!! 

Watch the video from this session here 


Trip Report begins

Was asked to try out the new ocean angler microwave rod to test out on Sunday so headed up to Langs beach.. Left Auckland at 3:30am! Wasn't just the sunblock burning my eyes half way through the day.Launched with a couple of guys from the kayak forum (Kayak FishingNZ) that I had never meet before so that was pretty cool.

Most of the guys were bait fisherman so they didn't venture to far from the shore, I decided to venture of on a mad paddling mission.. damn near paddling to Mangawhai heads.

I started to find some good pockets of sign on the sounder in about 20-25 metres of water, I could see that the fish were aggressively feeding well up of the bottom as the sounder was showing a triangle like shape leading up from the bottom with a bait school just above it.


I deployed a orange Catch betta bug and was hooking up on the drop about half way down, done this multiple times with some good fish landed. I had a couple more drops after not hooking up for a few minutes.. Wound up the slow jig at speed and got a solid hookup at around halfway up, it was definitely a snapper, I had it on for 3-4 minutes before loosing it- not fazed at this point as I had already boated some good fish.


Found the sign again but switched over to softbaiting with the new ocean angler microwave rod matched with a ShimanoSustain 4000.. Same thing the fish were smashing the lures well up off the bottom (using Zman Bruised banana) yep great day!!


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