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Bixpy fitting instructions

These instructions apply to customers that already have a rudder fitted to their Viking kayak.

If don't have a rudder fitted, you need to fit rudder pedals, run the rudder cables and fit the rudder bracket, please refer to the rudder fitting instructions to get that part done first. You will need to buy the Toe Tabs for rudder kit.  

Bixpy Jet Motor with battery mounted up front


1. Untie the rudder cords and remove the existing rudder and put the Bixpy rudder on to the rudder bracket.

Bixpy on Viking Rudder Bracket

2. Tie the rudder cords to the carabina clips, hold the rudder hard to the left and pull the right cord up tight and tie off, then do the other side (hold the blade to the right and tie the left cord).

Tie Rudder Cords to Bixpy Rudder


3. Screw on the uphaul cord guide at the front of the rudder bracket. 

Bixpy rudder uphaul cord guide


 4. Attach the uphaul cord, this runs along the kayak to the side of the cockpit. Note the locations to screw on the two 'P' clips and the jam cleat. Adjust the length of the cord so the ball sits close to the jam cleat when the rudder is down.

Bixpy rudder uphaul cord

Your Bixpy installation is now complete provided you are going to sit the battery in the rear well (it should be tied in place so it can't fall out). 

The following steps are for fitting the battery upfront on the oval hatch. This allows you to see the battery charge indicator lights and easily replace the magnetic kill switch should it come off the battery. Having the battery in front of you gives the remote a better line of sight so it works better. Not having the battery in the rear well frees the well up for other gear such as fish bags and Chill Pods.

1. You will need to purchase the Power Extension Cable and the  Battery and Extension Cable Fit Kit in order to fit the battery up on the front oval hatch cover. Run the cable along the opposite side to the uphaul cord using the cable retainers placed as shown below.

Bixpy cable retainer positioning stern Bixpy cable retainer positioning rear well

 Bixpy cable retainer positioning foot well


2. Screw the lashing hooks on around the front hatch as below and attach the battery with the bungees.

Bixpy battery fitted on front hatch cover

 Bixpy battery fitted on front hatch cover