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Cove to Cape "The one that got away! "
1:43PM 20th Aug 14

When ask for a trip report from Cove to Cape Stephens reply was breif --"The only story I have is a fisherman's one..."

The wind on day one (30knots gusting 40) kept us from executing "Plan-A" so we headed off to our reserve location. Here the wind can make for hard work but there are more safety options if something unexpected happens. Fishing was initially slow but not without opportunities, and unfortunately I can claim the classic "one that got away" wooden spoon award...

On the sounder I saw a beautiful arch of a big snapper up off the bottom and feeding. I sent a loaded pillie on its way and waited for the strike... when it came the hit was so savage it blurred the camera... but just when it felt like the solid hook up I wanted the hooks pulled... Every competition anglers agony: the solid feeling of what might be the winning fish followed by the slack line of heartache, and the knowledge that even your angling buddies will go "yeah, right...!"


Hook up, Fish on!

Dropped, Fish Gone!


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