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Kayak & Accessory Reviews
2:05AM 17th Nov 18

Matt Watsons review of the Bixpy as below was taken from his full video called Kayak Fishing Review - we will leave a link to that full video at the end of this review. 

Motors on kayaks aren’t anything new but what’s been holding people back is short battery life and that they can be difficult to mount, well no longer thanks to this clever system that is revolutionizing the concept of kayak fishing.

Bixpy solves that problem by bolting directly to your rudder blade, the small football size and… more
12:50AM 10th Jan 16

The question of which rudder blade concept is better: the short Angler style or the longer KS system has created plenty of discussion. Unfortunately there's often more to this simple seeming question than many posing the questions or offering answers realize.

Here are a series of bullet points based on test paddling over the years that will hopefully help:
1. The Profish Reload has been designed with a full length keel strip and a swept back stern to assist with tracking, making the kayak comparatively… more
6:21PM 20th Sep 15

As seen on Big Angry Fish TV Sunday 20 Sept  | Season 4 Ep9 | Getting Towed!
Milan and Nathan have been putting the new Livey Pod concept to the test in the Profish Reload kayak, chasing hard fighting yellowtail kingfish. In this blog we share a little more on the prototype concept as tested by Stephen Tapp

The Livey Pod top side when sat in a Profish Reload cockpit
Viking Livey Pod prototype as tested by Stephen Tapp
The Twin Livey Tackle Pod allows me to easily… more
2:07PM 12th Aug 14

RailBlaza have introduced another product that’s giving me even greater scope to achieve what I want when filming from my kayaks. One of the difficulties with rotationally molded product is the flex inherent with polyethylene. While often not an issue when fitting a wide variety of other accessories this can be a problem when mounting cameras.

The new StarPort HD has a bigger footprint and doubles the number of fastenings to four. This results in a much more stable mount even when not using a backing plate.… more
7:48PM 17th Jul 14

They say the best accessory a person can have is their smile, here are our top 5 accessories that keep us smiling.
 The Viking Profish Reload Tackle Pod
A world first! How often do you hear that? Well if you are a kiwi you hear it quite a lot actually. We’re a pretty ingenuitive bunch of people that come up with some brilliant ideas and this is one of them.  A completely removable pod that houses your battery, sounder, transducer and a crazy amount of tackle. It’s so cool that you can prep all… more
9:37AM 27th Apr 14

In this guest blog post Jason from shares how he is storig his kayaks using the Railblaza wall sling -  
I have recently moved to a new house and have been reminded just how useful the StarPort Wall slings from Railblaza are when it comes to not only storing my kayaks but to keep the property more functional with kayaks up off the ground and out of the way…  having them up on the wall slings also gives me the ability to store the kayaks over the winter months in a way that avoids build… more
5:35PM 8th Apr 14

Since launching the Viking Profish Reload kayak the feedback from satisfied customers has not stopped, here is a Profish Reload review  & trip report from Gavin Shepard who has owned Viking Kayaks for some time… It is not an easy decision to choose a new kayak when the kayak you already own is ticking many boxes…but how good is it when that decision to change is rewarded! Read on to hear what Gavin had to say after his first trip in his Profish Reload
Gavin Sheppard
I am now the proud owner… more
3:34PM 4th Apr 14

As we head into dayight savings here in NZ this guest blog post from is timely to help you select the right products to ensure your seen on the water at night when kayak fishing... 
Being seen when out in low light or at night is easier to achieve than ever before for kayakers.  With the range of nav-night lights design specifically for our needs and budgets there is no excuses to be putting ourselves and others at risk by not being visible.

Golden rule “Assume that other vessels have… more
3:07PM 4th Mar 14

First Glance
It was with eager anticipation that I first laid eyes on the new Reload from Viking Kayaks.  Since the launch of the Viking 400 in 2010, the guys have been working on this new design.  My first impression is that it is a version of the 400, only longer and with a different bow.  And the massive Tackle Pod™ – bloody hell but you could carry a lot of gear in that. 

The first thing that came to mind was fitting a pump and running the Tackle Pod™ wet as a live bait… more
2:50PM 22nd Feb 14

Shelley Bradish-Cooney of Team Viking Predators writes about her findings on the cooling comparisons between the Profish Chill Pod & Insulated Well Covers - The great thing about kayak fishing in New Zealand is that we are right at the coal face when it comes to innovation.  The downside is that there is so much great gear to choose from, how do you decide where to spend your money?
Like many out there, I made my first initial investment by buying a used kayak, and when I found this was a sport I wanted to… more