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Profish Reload Q & A Session
11:10PM 12th Dec 13

The anticipation for the Profish Reload release date has been building in many places, one in particular being the NZ kayak fishing forum community, this series of feedback and Q & A session is taken from the product release post in the forum. Some great feedback and initial round of questions from a well respected and passionate group of kayak anglers..first up we will share the initial feedback then you can read the Q & A session which was feilded by Grant & Stephen during the course of the 48hrs (in betwen making Reload kayaks ready for this weekends demos paddles and stock for stores in time for xmas) 

Full list of Demo locations and stores getting stock before xmas is listed below the Q&A session.

Feedback from the Kayak fishing forum community

Awondering -  Awesome as awesome can be, me thinks  sweet looking yak, well done team 

YakDr - Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!  

Wonderboy - Whoooooo hoooo!!! 

STRAY DOG - Top Effort from Viking Kayaks NZ looking very  

Hainesy Looks great guys....   ..Looking forward to seeing one "in the plastic"

Green Mamba - Top effort there team Viking - that looks like a quality setup with all of the pod options. Loving the large side handles and rod slots up front. I've already emailed Santa to ask for one, but as it turns out I've already exceeded the fishing budget for this year! 

Sharkey - Yep, looks damn nice  ....good lines, I bet she tracks well and is a honey in a following sea.....can't wait to test drive....been waiting years for this one to pop out of the oven.......well there goes my 400 on trade me.....nice job Viking team   

Milkey - Well I can say first hand that this kayak is pretty bloody impressive. The design ideas didn't come from one person alone. This is a collaboration of many kayakers, many on this forum, who have been asked various questions about what they like, what works and how can it be better. Then everyone in the tin shed in Matamata, from the tall guy who owns it, the older, wiser guy who has been kayakfishing well before many of us were in nappies to the guys out the back working the long hours putting it together to make a very exciting kayak.

I had the pleasure of paddling it the other night in the surf and had a ball. I've paddled 4.5m kayaks in the surf before and expected a bit of a handful with this one. But the Reload was nimble, able to be spun around quickly to face oncoming surf and powered out through it easily. And then picking up the waves coming back in was really easy and surfed straight and fast until I decided to turn side on and brace to a stop. Not once did I feel like I was going to "turtle".

The missus can give me socks and undies for xmas for all I care, as I'm getting myself one of these and will be more than happy on Christmas day !

(Stephen, Milkey & Grant first to trial the Profish Reload at Mt Manganui earlier this week)

Q & A session begins

Q. What does it come with

A. Viking Profish Reload at $2499 comes standard with our Tackle Pod™ , Deluxe Fisherman seat and Propelz Speed adjustable glass shaft paddle.

Q. Does the standard Viking/Stealthdrive rudder fit or is there a new one of those too

A. For a rudder the Profish Reload can use the same unit as our other Profish kayaks or the new Viking Rudder with flip-over blade (more info comming soon).

Q. Got any shots showing how the various transducers fit?

We will be posting images of various makes and models of transducers fitted to the Tackle Pod shortly. In the mean time all of the smaller transducers we’ve looked at fit, as do the following:

  • Lowrance 83/200kHz and 50/200kHz HDS transducers
  • Lowrance HDI transducers (both the 83/200/455/800kHz and the huge 50/200/455/800kHz)
  • Various Garmin transducers
  • Various Humminbird transducers
  • Raymarine Dragonfly transducer

Here are images of three transducer examples, detailed fit guides will follow soon:

Lowrance HDI 50/200/455/800 kHz transducer 

Lowrance HDI 50/200/455/800 transducer

Lowrance HDI 83/200/455/800 kHz transducer

Lowrance HDI 82/200/455/800 kHz transducer

Raymarine Dragonfly

Raymarine Dragonfly transducer

Q. the kids seat/standing fill-in? or is that extra?

A. The Kid Pod will be available soon, with an expected retail of $99. When the Kid Pod is in production the Profish Reload will also be available $2299 fitted with the Kid Pod fitted instead of the Tackle Pod.

Q.  Is the 29kg weight with the tackle pod in or out and what is the weight of the tackle pod?

A. The 29kg weight is for a fully kitted Reload (all rod holders, hatches, etc.) with the Tackle Pod™ removed. In other words this is the weight you would be lifting onto a roof rack.

The Tackle Pod™ weighed in at 3.5kg kitted out, and holds 29 litres of water.

Got a question you want to ask? we want to hear it so contact us HERE

Try Before you buy

The long awaited and much anticipated launch of our latest Profish kayak is here! This weekend marks the official launch of the "Profish Reload™" and kicking things off we have 3 locations for demonstrations

Saturday 14th Dec -

Auckland -  Fergs Kayaks Auckland, Okahu Bay  from 10 am - 2 pm Jason Milne (PaddleGuy) & Brad Harris (NZBlokes Fishtails) will be on hand to run test paddles and answer questions during this time. Contact the store for more details HERE

Wellington -  Fergs Kayaks Wellington, Queens Warf from 10am - 2 pm Shane Kelly & Bam Blaikie (Viking Maniyaks) will be on hand to run test paddles and answer questions during this time. Contact the store for more details HERE

Sunday - 15th Dec - 

Taupo - Canoe & Kayak Taupo, 10am - 2pm on the lake demo day, Grant Montague will be on location with demo kayaks and ready to take orders ! :-)  Contact the store for more details HERE

Viking stores also recieving stock from the first batch of manufacturing are

  • Canoe & Kayak  BOP, 
  • Canoe & Kayak Taranaki,
  • Sportsmans Choice Whangarei,
  • Yak Attack NZ East Tamaki
  • Canoe & Kayak Manukau

..see our list of dealers with contact details HERE

For more info on the Profish Reload see HERE