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Viking Hatch 155mm (6 inch)
Viking Kayak Handle
Rudder Kit for Profish Models *DIY Kit
Well Nut, Washer & Screw
Paddle/Rod Leash - Stainless Steel
Running Rig *Drift Chute NOT included
Kayak Anchor Kit in bag
Viking Kid Pod - Reload & GT
Insulated Cover for Profish 400, Reload, GT
Insulated Fish Bag - Profish 400, Reload, GT
Paddle Propelz Eco - Alloy
Paddle Propelz Speed - Fibreglass
Propelz Deluxe Fisherman Seat
Propelz Ergo Seat
Profish Reload E - Bixpy Electric Jet
Profish GT E - Bixpy Electric Jet
Bixpy J-2 Motor and Quick-Swap Kit
Bixpy J-2 Motor and Battery Combo
Bixpy Quick Swap Rudder Kit
Rudder Bracket & Toe Tabs kit
Bixpy - Extension cable 2.7m (9')
RAILBLAZA Spooling Station
Extension Kit for Bixpy Battery
Oval Hatch cover
* - Please contact local dealer for pricing