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Storing your kayak inside and outside
9:37AM 27th Apr 14

In this guest blog post Jason from shares how he is storig his kayaks using the Railblaza wall sling -  

I have recently moved to a new house and have been reminded just how useful the StarPort Wall slings from Railblaza are when it comes to not only storing my kayaks but to keep the property more functional with kayaks up off the ground and out of the way…  having them up on the wall slings also gives me the ability to store the kayaks over the winter months in a way that avoids build up of mold and debri from trees etc..

Storing your kayak (3)-1

Inside -  having  StarPorts fitted to the inside garage wall also gives me the ability to hang a couple of the kayak I will still regularly use over winter months, keeping them inside means they can be ready to go without needing a clean down and for the sea kayak it means the cockpit is dry and warm. Keeping them on the wall slings means the garage can still function as a garage without my kayaks taking up all the space… happy wife happy life ;-) 

Storing your kayak (4)-1

I have blogged on the wall sling before below is my previous post which gives a little more detail on the StarPort Wall sling and demonstrates how it can check them out and buy online at the Viking website here – RAILBLAZA WALL SLING

If you’re looking for any easier way to store your kayak, ski or SUP RAILBLAZA has the answer with the StarPort wall sling. I have recently started using it to store kayaks around the house and this week am at the family holiday home where I have transferred the Wall sling to store my Barracuda sea kayak. The StarPort mount makes this transfer easier than other options I have previously used;

This is an affordable and user friendly option for storing your water toys, to load and unload it takes only a few simple, effortless steps and you’re done.. I find it much easier to wash down my gear once it is up in the wall slings than on the ground. The kit comes with the following:

  • 2 x StarPorts
  • 2 x surface mount adapter rings
  • 4 x 12-gauge x 65mm galvanised self-tapping screws
  • StarPort Wall Slings will carry up to 65kg (120lb) spread across the 2 slings

I have permanently mounted a pair StarPorts to the holiday house and a pair at home making it easy to transfer this great storage system from one location to the next..  RAILBLAZA WALL SLING