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How to Guides - General
11:35PM 11th May 16

Raymarine Dragonfly Pro sounders have a new transducer with the cable emerging from the front. This increases length significantly but our standard mounting kit allows it to fit the Profish Reload and GT. The secret: don't lock the Raymarine sliding mount fully forward. Allowing the transducer to slide on its mount lets it locate in the socket in the Tackle Pod, the tight fit ensures it doesn't move in use. Read on for more instruction

The new Raymarine Dragonfly Pro series sounders will fit the Reload and GT Tackle… more
2:26AM 18th Apr 16

“How to get back on your kayak” a question we get asked all the time by first time kayak buyers. This guide is a brief run through how to get back on your kayak if you fall off. Anyone can do this and all you need is practice.

Righting the kayak
If your kayak is upside down these are the steps to take to right it, there are 2 ways you can do this. Push Pull & Body Weight momentum.
With either technique, to avoid tangles and injury make sure all leashes, ropes fishing hooks etc are identified and… more
10:33PM 12th Sep 14

(Garmin Echo 151DV and accessories out of the box)
It proved to be a quick and simple process to install a Garmin DownVu transducer into the Reload Tackle Pod. Unpacking the sounder showed the usual Garmin accessories. The transducer is supplied with a separate mount plate (different to the transom bracket) that needs fitting before proceeding. This plastic plate simply screws directly to the transducer using the five screws and washers provided 
(Detail of the machine screw and spacers fitted to the Garmin Transom… more
7:51PM 5th Jun 14

In this post Jason Milne,, shares with us how he prepares and cooks the wings of the snapper in a smoker. If you have never tried this part of the fish you are sure going to want to try it once you have seen hwo easy it is. Enjoy and let us know how you get on trying it or your first time..feel free to drop some off at the factory too ;-) 
Hot smoked snapper wings, the best tasting snapper you will ever eat ! by Paddle Guy
I like to fillet my snapper rather than smoke or bake the whole fish, this… more
10:11AM 2nd May 14

Winter Fishing – Dress for Success with Shelley Bradish-Cooney
With cooler months you can still enjoy some fabulous fishing – the key is in your preparation.  The secret to feeling comfortable on the water is to dress with layers, and  consider fabrics that will block the wind and keep you warm even when they are wet.  Give some thought to the fact that you may start out in temperatures that are close to 0 degrees, but may rise throughout the day to 18 degrees.  In my opinion being too… more
6:03PM 17th Apr 14

This Q & A session on understanding your FishFinder, with Stephen Tapp is in response to the questions we recieved from this question posted on our FaceBook page "Do you have questions about how to use your sounder more effectively or just want to know some basic rules of thumb? Leave a question here and we will add it to a blog post next week." Stephen answers these questions in breif reply below, stay tuned to the blog to see further explanation on many of these questions over the coming weeks...and if you have… more
3:34PM 4th Apr 14

As we head into dayight savings here in NZ this guest blog post from is timely to help you select the right products to ensure your seen on the water at night when kayak fishing... 
Being seen when out in low light or at night is easier to achieve than ever before for kayakers.  With the range of nav-night lights design specifically for our needs and budgets there is no excuses to be putting ourselves and others at risk by not being visible.

Golden rule “Assume that other vessels have… more
5:19PM 3rd Apr 14

Bill Bragman of recently visited us here in NZ and went out for a kayak fish with Stephen Tapp & Jason Milne, during this trip we discovered that a large number of the anglers in the USA position their front adjustable rod holders pointing forwards for trolling and general use. When asked to try turning them around Bill immediately got the logic and stayed that way for the rest of the trip. Consequently Bill returned to the USA spreading the gospel that this is the better way to position the front rod… more
4:00PM 22nd Jan 14

In this guest post Andrew Fletcher of team Viking NZBlokes Fishtales shares his thoughts on the subject of to use a rudder or not.
To rudder or not to rudder your kayak is a very good question. I have come from a white water kayak background and owned 2 fishing kayaks without rudders before upgrading to my current ruddered Viking Profish 400. In a white water kayak if you stop paddling you are pretty much swung 180 degrees and turned backwards as soon as you lose momentum.
So going  from that to a standard… more
5:37PM 17th Jan 14

In this tip from Stephen Tapp, he shows you "How to Load and Unload your fishing kayak onto a roof rack the easy way". Demonstrated with the  Viking Profish Reload on a high roof car and low roof car to show how easy it is when done right, you will also protect yourself from injury with this technique. Whilst there are many great roof rack accessories on the market to assist with the loading and unloading of kayaks, this simple technique may save you spending the money when you might not need to.
Note: The cars… more