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Mid water snapper, Whangarei Heads
8:56PM 18th Sep 13

 Tapps Tackle Tips | swimming pillie rig

  • Location: Whangarei Heads
  • Kayak:  Profish 440 Evolution IV
  • Technique: I was experimenting with different hooks, using my successful “swimming pillie” bait rig.  This time the hooks are VMC "Sure Set" vanadium alloy 7/0's, without my normal flasher material.


(pictured above is the my succseful "swimming pillie" rig with flashers)

Most of the fish landed in this session were caught mid water (under the birds you can hear in the backgroundof the video below) , largely due to the fact that in place of the flasher  I was using a single lumo soft bead that stop's the sliding sinker making a noise as it rattles against the top hook.

The Video below shows just how succesful this techinque is..this is a sample of more to come from this session