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Quick Guide – Garmin Echo 151 DownVu transducer installation into the Reload Tackle Pod
10:33PM 12th Sep 14

(Garmin Echo 151DV and accessories out of the box)

It proved to be a quick and simple process to install a Garmin DownVu transducer into the Reload Tackle Pod. Unpacking the sounder showed the usual Garmin accessories. The transducer is supplied with a separate mount plate (different to the transom bracket) that needs fitting before proceeding. This plastic plate simply screws directly to the transducer using the five screws and washers provided 

(Detail of the machine screw and spacers fitted to the Garmin Transom Bracket)

(The completed DownVu Transducer assembly showing everything fitted and ready to install into the Reload Tackle Pod)

Next step was to add an 80mm long machine screw and 4 slotted disks as spacers to the Garmin Transom Mount provided with the sounder. This was then installed on top of the transducer and the whole assembly fitted to the transducer socket in the Reload Tackle Pod as per our standard transducer installation. At this point completing the sounder installation follows the same process used for all other sounders (coil the excess transducer cable inside the scupper, fit the top plate over the scupper, route and seal the power lead inside the Pod, fit the mount bracket for the sounder itself on top of the pod, finally install the battery).

(Detail of the transducer installed inside the socket of the Reload Tackle Pod)

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