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Talking Kayak Fishing with PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish
9:00AM 12th Oct 13

Here is a snippet from the latest October Issue of the Gillplate Magazine with the guys at PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish, head over and download the full magazine, its FREE!, and jam packed full of great content, Download and sign up HERE - GILLPLATE MAGAZINE

Over the last few years we have spent a lot of time on the water, and there is one thing that we seem to see more and more while out on the water, and that’s kayaker’s. I use to think man that must be such hard work! They look so restricted in where they can go and what they can do and sitting in that thing must get very uncomfortable! But on the other hand I really wanted to give it a go as there were always a number of days when I wanted to get out on the water but couldn’t due to not having any crew to help handle the boat and to spread the cost around. So when offered a chance to trial a Viking kayak, there was no hesitation! After that first day fishing from a kayak my entire opinion has changed! How could I have been so wrong?

kayaks are far from hard work! Strapping a kayak on the roof racks is a whole lot easier then preparing a boat for a day on the water. The paddling is great exercise which is just an- other part of why its so much fun. Restricted? Far from it! You can actually fish places in a kayak that you can’t fish effectively in a boat and the word uncomfortable hasn’t even come into mind. I’ve found myself paddling around rugged remote coastline only minutes from the car thinking that the same stretch of coast- line is an hour or more bash in the boat. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a boat in my driveway, but now, there will always be a kayak in the shed as it’s yet another tool in my fishing arsenal. After a handful of trips bringing home a number of great eating size snapper and releasing fish as big as 15lbs.

Milan and I now have our very own brand spanking new kayaks. Black was our color of choice and some pretty cool upgrades were added. Raymarine Dragon Fly unit, rudders, but the best of these upgrades has to be the tackle pod. A little unit which straps into the center of the boat. It takes 2 seconds to fit and remove. The tackle pod is in the corner of my room and is packed ready to go at all times. It contains everything I need for a day on the water including the sounder and batteries. All I need is that pod loaded into the car, my kayak strapped to the roof and I’m ready. Now we just can’t wait till we can get out on the water and start filming.

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