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Rudder Fitting Instructions

Please note: if your kayak does not already have the black rudder cable tube installed please ensure you have a rudder kit that includes these, and then begin with the instructions "How to install Viking rudder tubes for Profish Kayaks".

Rudder kit components for Profish kayaks with rudder cableway tubes already installed 
Parts Included in 2019 DIY Rudder Kit


 1. Feed the dyneema cords through each rudder tube - starting at the rear of the kayak *Tip - put WD40 or other lubricant up the tube so the cord feeds through easier. 

Feed Cords Into Tubes


2. Use the 4 screws and washers to fit the rudder and mount bracket to the rear of the Profish kayak & Clip the Carabiners onto the corresponding eye bolts

Attaching bracket and headstock


3. Locate the toe-tab over the mount points on the footrest and start the bolt through the aligned holes. Put the spring in position (the notch needs to line up with the groove in the toe-tab), then push the bolt all the way home. Add the nyloc nut to the end and tighten until the nylon thread is past the end of the bolt. Repeat for the other side 
Toe-Tab and bolts

Toe-Tab and bolts


4. Thread end of dyneema cord through hole in the end of adjuster's inner section (with grooved collar nearest the seat) and continue the cord through the outer section of the adjuster (larger end nearest the seat). Repeat for the other side

Cord through adjusters


5. Thread the cord under and over the toe-tab/pedal by going through the small top outer most hole first, passing directly down and under the pedal and then towards the nose-end of the footrest rail. Repeat for both sides



6. Insert the end of the cord through the 3.5mm hole in the end of the footrest rail and tie a knot. Repeat for both sides

Knot at end of cord


7. Hold the rudder steady in a straight position either with an assistant, a device as shown or simply two blocks/heavy bottles so the rudder won't turn as you set cord tension/toe-tab position.

Holding rudder straight


8. Leaving a gap between the tube end and adjuster so they won't connect with one another whilst turning, wrap the cord around the inner section of the adjusters on both sides until both toe-tabs are in line with each other in a vertical position
setting adjusters

Gap between tube ends and adjuster


9. Remove support from rudder and check to see that both toe-tabs are aligned the same, test that the rudder turns smoothly both sides by pressing down on the toe-tabs with your hands.
toe-tabs lined up correctly

Test movement of rudder and toe-tabs