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Viking Kayak Fishing
2:12PM 10th Feb 15

Kayak fishing light tackle - setting up to go light Kayak fishing light tackle - setting up to go light

Kingfish of any size can be a handful, but even a modest fish such as this light tackle specimen captured in just a few meters of water behind the breakers will stick in your mind for a long time.
One of the real joys of fishing from kayaks is the ease with which we end up on a “Nantucket sleigh ride”. Even a modest sized fish can have us moving against the wind, while larger fish can end up totally relocating us before the battle is done. This adds a dimension not experienced in larger craft as not only… more
2:17AM 13th Dec 14

Deep water kayak fishing.. Deep water kayak fishing..

It’s not always about the glamour species, the humble gemfish on lighter line is fun and makes great table fare
Into the deep
My calendar at this time of the year normally has as many weekends as possible blocked out in anticipation of the snapper run. Light tackle is tuned and grab bags made ready to make the most of any weather window to hit Bream Bay, the Bay of Islands, or Doubtless Bay. The lure of having large fit snapper dragging rod tips deep into the water beside the kayak usually has me thinking of… more
11:13PM 26th Sep 14

Kayak Fishing Expedition Season Kayak Fishing Expedition Season

Bryce with a superb bluenose from a previous White Island mothership trip – new kayaks and new camera systems and a few new tackle tricks will see us out there trying for new PB’s, and also attempting to catch them on paddle from shore missions.
Expedition Season, by Stephen Tapp
The next few months is going to see a hectic schedule trying to fit in a series of kayak competitions and expeditions. In little more than a week we begin with the Top Catch Cove to Cape kayak contest, September will see missions… more
10:33PM 12th Sep 14

Quick Guide - Garmin Echo 151 DownVu transducer installation into the Reloa Quick Guide - Garmin Echo 151 DownVu transducer installation into the Reloa

(Garmin Echo 151DV and accessories out of the box)
It proved to be a quick and simple process to install a Garmin DownVu transducer into the Reload Tackle Pod. Unpacking the sounder showed the usual Garmin accessories. The transducer is supplied with a separate mount plate (different to the transom bracket) that needs fitting before proceeding. This plastic plate simply screws directly to the transducer using the five screws and washers provided 
(Detail of the machine screw and spacers fitted to the Garmin Transom… more
2:59PM 8th Sep 14

Exploring the concept of kayak fishing using a trailer boat as a mothership Exploring the concept of kayak fishing using a trailer boat as a mothership

In this guest blog post from Paddle Guy we take a look at a different perspective on mothership kayak fishing.
Exploring the concept of kayak fishing using a trailer boat as a mothership
Here’s a different take on kayak fishing mother ship trips, yesterday fishing with my boys for Father’s Day in the 6m Fyran, I loaded the 2.7m Viking Kayaks Ozzie into the boat with the intention of using it to paddle into the shallows and gather a feed of Green Lipped Mussels.

This was a test run to… more
5:14PM 2nd Sep 14

Kayak Fishing with Small Frame Reels Kayak Fishing with Small Frame Reels

(Milkey is another angler who enjoys fishing small but powerful reels, and on a breezy Northland day had no problems skull-dragging this prize from the stones!)
Small frame fishing reels, by Stephen Tapp (written for the August 2014 issue of NZ Fishing News Magazine)
Winter kayak fishing and having awesome fun seems almost a contradiction to the uninitiated. They can’t fathom why any person in their right mind seeks to surround themselves with an ocean of cold water while every little breeze chills unprotected… more
1:43PM 20th Aug 14

Cove to Cape Cove to Cape "The one that got away! "

When ask for a trip report from Cove to Cape Stephens reply was breif --"The only story I have is a fisherman's one..."
The wind on day one (30knots gusting 40) kept us from executing "Plan-A" so we headed off to our reserve location. Here the wind can make for hard work but there are more safety options if something unexpected happens. Fishing was initially slow but not without opportunities, and unfortunately I can claim the classic "one that got away" wooden spoon award...
On the sounder I saw a beautiful arch… more
2:07PM 12th Aug 14

NEW RailBlaza StarPort HD mount : A more stable mounting option for camera NEW RailBlaza StarPort HD mount : A more stable mounting option for camera

RailBlaza have introduced another product that’s giving me even greater scope to achieve what I want when filming from my kayaks. One of the difficulties with rotationally molded product is the flex inherent with polyethylene. While often not an issue when fitting a wide variety of other accessories this can be a problem when mounting cameras.

The new StarPort HD has a bigger footprint and doubles the number of fastenings to four. This results in a much more stable mount even when not using a backing plate.… more
1:09AM 12th Aug 14

Viking Kayaks at Outdoor Retailer 2014 Viking Kayaks at Outdoor Retailer 2014

This year Viking Kayaks NZ were excited to be showcased at the biggest outdoor trade show stage out, Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City Utah. For those that don’t know much about this show, Outdoor Retailer (OR) is for Trade only and is without a doubt the most important show on the calendar for manufacturers and distributers in the outdoor industry. It is here at OR that the newest products on the market are shown to current and potential new retailers. In most cases this is where products never seen before are… more
10:11PM 1st Aug 14

Long or short rods for kayak fishing Long or short rods for kayak fishing

Big Cuvier Island snapper from the deep on short rods are much easier to land, and this saves the arms for paddling!
The Hutchwilco Boat show is always a great place to be, with plenty of opportunity to check out recent innovations in everything from large craft (for carrying your kayak of course) to the smallest items of terminal tackle. For me one of the more exciting aspects is the opportunity to talk in person to a diverse group of anglers and find out what they’re most interested in. This year was no exception,… more