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Bixpy Electric Jet Motor - Bixpy Motor Quick-Swap Kit


For customers that do have a rudder system on their Viking kayak, the Bixpy Quick Swap Kit simply drops into the rudder bracket, replacing the standard rudder with the Bixpy Jet Motor. 

It clips on with the supplied carabinas and R pin to make swapping between a rudder and the motor super quick and easy in only 20 seconds!

For customers who don't have a rudder on your Viking Reload / GT/ 400 / 440 then you will also need the Rudder and Toe Tab kit. If you would like the option of swapping between the Bixpy motor and standard rudder, then you will need the complete rudder kit instead.

This Kit includes:

- Complete Bixpy motor system (motor, battery, remote control, battery charger)
- Headstock
- Blade
- Uphaul kit assembled.

Go to the  Bixpy fitting instructions page  to set it up on your kayak.

Watch Matt Watson's Review:



Max run time: Low Speed >6 hours,
Max run time: Full speed approx 75 min.
Max speed: Up to 9kph (depending on type of craft)
Motor weight: 1.2kg
Battery weight: 3.2kg